Yesterday I decided to workout with one of my kb classes I was able to push myself and them much harder then usaual. We all felt like throwing up afterwards but it was great. The workout was basic and intense.

jump rope warm up 2 min

1 min swings

right side only

swings, press, squat 30 sec each then switch hands and repeat. perform 3 sets

1 min heavy swings

line up 3 kb light, med , heavy

with 2 min on timer perform 3 c&p light 2 c&p med 1 c&p heavy get as many rounds possible in 2 min 2 rounds

1 min heavy swings

finish with 100 snatch


Todays workout uses 2 kb’s if you do not have 2 kb’s you can modify and use 1 kb.
3 rounds
30 sec clean squat press
45 sec knees to elbows crunch
30 sec 20 in box hops
45 sec figure 8’s

3 rounds
45 sec burpees with deadlift
1 min swings
30 sec side box hops
30 sec crunch on swiss ball

3 rounds
1 leg deadlift 10 reps
1 arm row 10 reps
reverse lunge and press 10 reps
russian twist 30 reps


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Well I had a few days away from the gym. My wife gave birth to a wonderfull baby girl on Wed 12/10/08. So yesterday I came back to work ready to attack the iron with my clients and classes.

The workout looked like this:

3 rounds

30 swings

20 box jumps (20 inch box)

10 snatch

3 rounds

30 dead lift

15 double kb push press

10 racked squats

finish with

30 sec plank x3

50 push ups


30 sec ea. do each round 3 times


Alternating cleans

Alternating snatch

See saw press


Push ups on kb

Renegade rows

Double deadlift


Double clean and press

Double swings

Double snatch

Train hard and get those forearms burning.


Ok folks let’s really challenge ourselves today. Grab the biggest kb you got!
5 minute snatch test count every rep and record your results.
Finsh wth 2 mile jog


100 swings (warm up)
30 second each
Push press
Squat press
3 rounds
100 more swings
30 second each
Push ups
Reverse lunges
Renegade row
3 rounds
Last 100 swings


Happy Holidays From Fitness Anywhere


Today we used some trx trainers in kb class.

10 push up on trx

20 body rows on trx

30 kb swings

3 rounds

20 squat rows

15 wall ball

10 barbell push press

3 rounds


Good kb fun today

run 800 meters

5 rounds

20 heavy swings

15 squats

10 snatch (per arm)

800 meter run