Hit the gym with a vengence!

Yesterday I felt great and full of energy so I got into the weight room and went for it. My workout was a little random I basically lifted any and everything in my path.

It looked something like this:

dead lift various reps from 15 to 1 and weights from 135lb up to 315

now some combo lifts hang clean to overhead press to back squat to press that counts as 1 rep do 3 sets of 7

next was some kb figure 8’s in to bottoms up presses and finish with pull ups for max reps 4 rounds of these.

did some windmills with oly bar 3 sets of 8

walking by the cable fly I stopped and did 3 sets of 30 with jumping jacks for rest period.

finish with rows 20 reps and push up  15 reps super set  2 sets

I think there was a couple of things I forgot but it was fun sweaty and felt great to just go for it and if  it’s in front of you lift it, press it, swing it, throw it or whatever.

Break the rules once in awhile and have fun when lifting!


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