5 man makers

10 wall ball

then .15 run

for  5 rounds

check out youtube and search kettlebell man maker to see hoe to do them if your not familiar.

My kb class used 18lb kb I used 44lb oh man its a tough one.



ok fitness freaks I have ordered 2 sandbags from sandbag fitness training and I am super excited I am always on the hunt for new things to bring to my workouts and kill my clients with. I will post some good workouts once I get them. Anyway keep liftng heavy and pushing your limits. If its nice weather like we have here in cali get outside and get in a park workout.


300 workout

25 v ups

50 snatch

25 push ups

50 swings

50 burpees

50 clean and press

50 mtn climbers

use a heavy kettlebell this should not be easy.

we finished with some heavy deadlifts and max reps 135 lb bench just for fun.

keep the momentum going and challenge yourself everyday.


Well the new year has been beyond busy more new people at my gym then I can count. I did a 3 min snatch test on wed and got some amazing results from my people. One of my ladies weighs 99 lbs and double snatched 18 lb kbs for 3 sets of 5. These people are all about getting strong. Are you? I hope so let’s break the ruls and get crazy in the gym. Push yourself today.


sorry for a long period between posts i have been super busy down here at the gym. here is yesterdays workout.

3 rounds

see saw press 5 reps

front squat 10 reps

swings 20 reps

3 rounds start with your right side first then do your left that counts as one round

30 sec ea.




squat press

this was short and sweet get in and get out.


OK I had fun running my kb classes trough this one see if you got what it takes to finish.
2 minutes and 9 seconds of everything
push ups
body squats
double overhead press
squat press
jump rope

anyway we had “fun” with this workout I hope you do too.


TRX suspension trainers are still on sale. I am personal trainer and came across the TRX a few months ago. The TRX is hands down the most functional and easy to use piece of equipment I own. I recommend it to everyone. When you come across something that does what it says and gives results you want to share it with everyone. Check out the link for lots more info.
Fitness Anywhere


Todays workout was designed to help burn off some of the holiday feast.

100 swings

Pyramid 15 down to 1

Side stradle hops (jumping jacks)


Push ups

Run a mile

Pyramid 1 up to 15 side stradle hop, squats, push ups

100 swings

Push yourself hard today and start the new year with a bang!


Yesterday I felt great and full of energy so I got into the weight room and went for it. My workout was a little random I basically lifted any and everything in my path.

It looked something like this:

dead lift various reps from 15 to 1 and weights from 135lb up to 315

now some combo lifts hang clean to overhead press to back squat to press that counts as 1 rep do 3 sets of 7

next was some kb figure 8’s in to bottoms up presses and finish with pull ups for max reps 4 rounds of these.

did some windmills with oly bar 3 sets of 8

walking by the cable fly I stopped and did 3 sets of 30 with jumping jacks for rest period.

finish with rows 20 reps and push up  15 reps super set  2 sets

I think there was a couple of things I forgot but it was fun sweaty and felt great to just go for it and if  it’s in front of you lift it, press it, swing it, throw it or whatever.

Break the rules once in awhile and have fun when lifting!


I wanted to give everyone one last good workout before xmas. we had fun I hope you enjoy it too.

1 min swings, 30 sec push ups, 30 sec crunch, 30 sec push up, 1 min swing (this is the warm up)

double kb swing 1 min

see saw press 1 min

2 kb dead lift 1 min

push up 1 min

repeat 3 times

pyramid 5 down to 1 kb burpees with 10 double kb swings after each round.

windmills 1 kb up high and 1 kb anchored. for 2 min alternate sides performing 3 reps at a time.

finish with:

50 dead lift and 50 overhead presses

merry xmas and have fun!